Data Repository Finder

1. Are you looking for a repository managed by Utrecht University? More info

When a repository is managed by Utrecht University, you are offered additional services. Like prior to publishing the data will be reviewed by RDM Support (in case of DataverseNL) or by your appointed data manager (in case of YoDA).

2. Will you publish data under access restriction? More info

Access restrictions allows you to publish the metadata with information about your study but requires users to contact you to gain access to the data. This is often necessary when publishing personal data (information which can identify an individual). Alternatively, data can be put under access restriction if any other conditions need to be met or checked prior to granting access.

3. Are you looking for a repository with the option to deposit for free? More info

Wether a repository is free or not often depends on the size of the dataset you are publishing. Most repositories accept datasets for free if they are under 10GB. Please check the information available for each repository to check wether the size of your datatset would incur costs. For example, DataverseNL is free for datasets under 10GB whereas YoDA costs 4 per TB per month, although this may be covered by your faculty.

4. Do you wish to have the freedom to choose your own data usage licence? More info

Repositories may differ in the range of  data usage licence you can choose from. With such a licence others know what kinds of reuse are permitted.

Some repositories only allow you to make your data available under a fully open CC0 licence (public domain / no rights reserved). Others provide a range of licences you can choose from or let you choose freely under what license you wish to make your data available.

This Data Repository Finder can help you choose a generic data repository that fits your needs when sharing and publishing your research data.

For more information you can consult the Guide Publishing and sharing data, check to find discipline-specific repositories or contact RDM Support.